The Yorkshire Dialect

Between the 9th and 11th centuries, inmigrants of Scandinavian origin brought with them a new language which got mixed up with the spoken by the local Anglosaxons, resulting in a new dialect, still used in the region, mainly in the countryside. The local accent is very particular, with words totally different to the ones we use today. It is funny, and sometimes difficult to understand! Learn it with a local beer in your hands, and it will be an experience for all.

Here you'll find some Yorskhire words and expressions that are common in today's daily life. 


YORKSHIRE                        MODERN ENGLISH


Cheerio:                               bye bye, see you later

Aye:                                     yes                                                        

Backend                              autumn                                                

Bairn                                    child                                                    

Weer ta bahn?                     where are you going?                         

Weer ‘as ta bahn?               where have you been?                        

Beck                                    small river, stream                             

Blutherin’                             crying                                                

Brass                                   money                                                 

By gow! By gum!                 my god!                                                

Eck!                                     hell! Damn!                                        

Fowk                                   folk, people                                         

Gaffer                                  boss                                                     

Int’                                       in the                                                   

Jock                                    food, lunch                                          

Kwick                                  quick                                                   

Still liggin’ I’ bed                  still in bed                                            

Thar mun do it thissen        you must do it yourself                  

Nesh                                   cold                                                     

Nivver                                 never                                                   

Nowt                                   nothing                                                

 ‘od on a bit                         hold on a moment                                

If ahr catch ‘em                   if I get hold of them…                         

Reet                                    right                                                     

Scullery                               kitchen                                               

Silin’                                    raining                                                   

It’s silin’ it dahn                   it’s raining quite heavily                      

Sup                                     to drink                                                   

Tarra                                   good bye

York’am                              York ham                                             

Yorksher                             Yorkshire                                            

‘od thi’ osses                      just a minute                                        

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