York, the capital of the North.

"The history of York is the history of England "(King George VI)

King George VI wasn't wrong when he said that.

York has been very important since the year 71 AD, when the Romans established a military fort by the river Ouse, an area inhabited by Celtic tribes.

This settlement became a strategical town and grew up bigger and bigger, and from here the army would control the north of England and the boundaries with what today is Scotland.

Eboracum (first name for York), was Roman until the Empire left the country in about 410 AD, moment in which Angosaxon inmigrants started arriving from mainland Europe. 

These groups saw the arrival of Scandinavian settlers around 866 AD. During Viking times, York was known as Jorvik, and their influence was strong. 

Their end would come in 1066 AD when William of Normandy, invaded England, changing the history of the country for ever. The Duke became William the Conqueror, King of England. 

During the beginning of the medieval age, the York area saw the rise and development of large religious abbeys, giving more importance to the city. Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries after 1536.

York was blessed when the world saw the first railways, and the Victorian Station is a clear example of how modern and advanced the city would look 140 years ago. 

Today, permanent archaeological works bring to light York's prehistory and history, allowing us to have a fantastic interpretation of the city's past.

Amongst the main attractions, you can visit the City Wall (very well preserved), York Minster Cathedral, Shambles street, public gardens, Clifford's Tower, the Yorkshire Museum, the Castle Museum, Jorvik Viking centre, and many more. 

All this, combined with hundreds of medieval buildings, and an extense variety of restaurants and bars, shops, art galleries, theatres, pubs and a colorful street market, contribute to give the visitor an amazing holiday. 

We want to share York with you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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